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Side Cars

Sidecar Racing is a visibly exhilarating but also dangerous sport. If not handled and steered carefully these bikes can easily flip. And when you are doing over 250km/h, there is no room for error. With both the rider and passenger steering the bike, they are an awesome sight at the racetrack.

Our three piece wheels have been used to great success over the years. In the earlier days cast aluminium hubs were used with our rim sections being the second and third piece of the wheel. Recently we have helped design and manufacture a lightweight centre section from 6mm aluminium. Anything that can be done to minimize unsprung weight can only be a good thing.

side car wheels
sidecar wheels
side car wheels


Light Weight application
3.0mm 5005 Aluminium
Medium low budget application
4.0mm 5005 Aluminium
High quality
4.0mm 6061 "T6" heat treated rim sections, and 5.0mm 6061 "T6"


8", 9", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18" Diameter, and
16.1" Tractor Pull Rims in 4.0mm 6061 Aluminium T6.

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