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Welcome to Three Piece Wheels

At Whitehorse Industries we have been producing rim halves for three piece wheels for well over 30 years.

With the rigors of racing, wheels can suffer due to the usual wear and tear, hitting ripple strips, touching tyres with other cars or if you're unlucky enough, crashing!

Whatever type of race car you may have, if the wheel is of the three piece design (Simmons, BBS etc) then we at Whitehorse Industries can help with the remanufacture and supply of new, made to order rim halves. Please note: We do NOT supply the Bolts or manufacture the Centres, we spin the INNER and OUTER Rim Sections ONLY.

We use the knowledge gained over many years being in contact with customers from many race classes. This has led us down a path of producing quality, custom wheel halves to support competitors from small privateer weekend racers to top end racers from State and National race series around the country.

three piece wheels
three piece wheels
three piece wheels
three piece wheels

All Rim halves are "Made in Australia". This is something that has been a constant throughout the years and will continue to be for many years to come.


Light Weight application
3.0mm 5005 Aluminium
Medium low budget application
4.0mm 5005 Aluminium
High quality
4.0mm 6061 "T6" heat treated rim sections, and 5.0mm 6061 "T6"


8", 9", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18" Diameter, and
16.1" Tractor Pull Rims in 4.0mm 6061 Aluminium T6.

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wheels for circuit racing
Circuit Racing

Got a quick circuit car and need some wheels for the next track day? Bring in your Simmons, BBS or other centre for custom wheel halves.

formula sae wheels
Formula SAE

Every year TAFE and University students compete in a national and international event called Formula SAE. From concept to race track a car is conceived to compete against others.

Sunset scenery
Speedway / Sprint Cars

The Kings With Wings!!!

tractor pull
Tractor Pull

There is no replacement for displacement.

Side Cars

3 wheels. 2 people. 1 inch off the race track. This is side car racing.

custom motorcycle wheels

Got a Harley and want to have custom wheels made like the one pictured? Give us a call.